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My Salary + Track your shift

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My Salary - the ultimate salary calculator is now also in english available No more surprises, now you can check out any time your net wage.
What "My Salary" can do!
- Set Unique shifts which correspond to each employee (You can set an unlimited number of shifts)- Calculation of normal hours- Calculate overtime (night, holiday, day off , sick days, and much more ... )- Calculate weekly overtime or daily overtime- Send your hours report to excel file- Calculation of fixed costs and daily expenses- Calculate fixed increments and daily additions (such as tips , bonuses , and more ... )- Calculation your break time- Manual Tax Calculation (set your country taxes manually to get best calculation results)- Calculate Social Security- Weekly work schedule- Calculation of Income Tax- Preparation of a detailed report each month- Set your app time as your work clock (iin settings)- Automatically update all shifts after updating hourly wage- Set additions and deductions- Monthly view or weekly view- And more ...
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